JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

The JW Marriott Marquis is a new 5 starts hotel located at the Business Bay in Dubai. The twin towers opened in 2013 and are currently considered the tallest hotel in the world, with a height of 355m and 77 floors. The hotel has also an impressive number of rooms: 1608. Its structure consists of a base podium which contains public area, restaurants, etc. and the 2 towers for the rooms.


The JW Marriott is located close to Business Bay metro station (900m) and along the Dubai Creek and Sheikh Zayed road. It would be however too warm for most to walk to the metro station but it can be reached with a short taxi ride. It is also less than 10 min from The Dubai Mall and Dubai International Financial Centre. In general, The 5 stars is a very well located hotel, ideal for most business travellers as it is truly in the middle of the city, between the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Airport.

First Impression

Impressive is the first world that comes to mind. The two towers make of course a great first impression, but the inside of the building does not disappoint. The lobby is large and can be intimidating with its crowd. It is however quickly forgotten once one arrives at checkin. The staff is here very alert, hands-on and quite motivated. I had booked a club room for this short 1-night stay and was quickly brought to the priority checkin desk. The person on duty was very efficient at checking me in without further do, confirming newspaper and credit card settlement. I was then escorted by a porter to the room and at the same time being explained on what to find and where in the building.

The first few floors will include the spa (3,700 m2!), conference and banquet halls, business centres, outdoor swimming pool, gym and restaurants. The banquet hall can host up to 1,000 people. I’m given a room on the 58th floor which, of course, has impressive views on the city and the Gulf. The furnishing is of high quality with warm colours and wood throughout the building. Lifts are panoramic and numerous. This is a good thing given the number of floors.


while booking at this property, you can choose between guest rooms, suites, executive suites and penthouse. Some rooms have sea view but not all. The standard guest room is spacious (44 m2). It includes a functional wardrobe area at the entrance, a large bathroom with bathtub and shower and a functional room with work desk and lounge area. Colours are warm with wooden walls, cream and brown furniture and carpet. It gives a feeling of contemporary luxury without being too modern. It certainly is a notch higher than the usual Marriott property with its usually brighter colours.

The room has power outlets at the right places, an efficient aircon control  as well as an Illy coffee machine. The rest of the room is otherwise classic in its setup and doesn’t have excessive technology. The Flat screen TV is facing the bed and includes a large number of international TV channels. The room is clean and housekeeping is quick to react to phone requests. You also have the possibility to order additional items via the Marriott app. This however doesn’t work. Try ordering shower gel and nothing comes, try ordering Shampoo and toothbrush is given together with the Shampoo (and still no shower gel in sight). It is yet unclear if it’s a technology issue or just due to a sleepy employee!

The view from the 58th floor was of course impressive. Strangely, the room’s window is small in comparison to the room but might be due to environmental concerns (given the amount of sunshines in Dubai).


As for the Grand Hyatt already reviewed on this site, facilities are impressive; a swimming pool, gardens, an enormous event space, more than 10 bars and restaurants as well as one of the biggest spas in the city. On the same floor, the gym is equally impressive and should be mentioned as top of the class to all gym goers. The swimming pool could have been bigger given the number of rooms. It felt a little crowded on a Sunday afternoon. Fortunately, the garden surrounding it had a lot of chairs, allowing people to spread out.

Compared to the Grand Hyatt hotel mentioned above, this is definitely more of a business hotel within the city. There is no resort feeling and the road noise can actually be heard from the pool.

From a service perspective, the staff is exemplary, from checkin to porters, restaurant waiters and pool attendants. All are truly motivated, seem happy to be here and always try to do the extra step.


As said above, there are more than 10 restaurants and bars in the hotel. Most are high end restaurants and may not be the best option if you are looking for a laid back quick lunch. The pool restaurant can however serve that purpose in a relaxed atmosphere. Also, on the ground floor, La Farine is a casual French restaurant which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

However the top recommendation while staying at the JW Marriott Marquis hotel is their executive lounge. It occupies one full floor of one tower and offers a very large seating space split in several small “living rooms”. Half of the lounge doesn’t have F&B and is reserved as a quiet area, ideal for reading, lounging and not too loud conversations. The furnishing is very good with its concept of living rooms. Many solo business travelers know the feeling of looking to settle somewhere quiet to do some work and relax without staying in the room. You can literally spend hours at this lounge without problem.

The lounge also has a good food offering with breakfast, midday snack, afternoon tea and the usual complimentary evening cocktails. The service is, here as wel,l very good. Quality wise, the offering is varied. Breakfast includes many hot dishes and is a combination of the traditional continental breakfast and English breakfast with bacon, various sausages and an eggs station. In the evening, hors d’oeuvres are out of the ordinary and the hotel is attentive to provide for various diets. It is mainly international fare with a few typical Middle Eastern dishes such as mezzes. The dessert buffet is also varied and is very much recommended. All in all, we would recommend this executive lounge to any solo business traveler. This is especially the case anyway for Dubai where most such travelers would go to hotels around town for dinner. You may as well consider the convenience and service level of this hotel.


The hotel room has been thought with the business traveller in mind, without being too gimmicky. The power outlets are conveniently located, next to the bed, on the desk and on the cabinet. The wifi itself is of good quality and available throughout the building including around the pool. Marriott offers two types of connection; a free one which allows for standard browsing and a faster version allowing for video chat and streaming. The latter costs about USD 25 per day unless you hold Gold or Platinum membership. This is becoming the standard practise across hotel groups and is an acceptable compromise. You can probably still hold a WhatsApp call without video with the free option.

Also available in the hotel is the free newspaper delivery. Here the JW Marriott also offers international English newspapers as well as local ones.


The JW Marriott Marquis Dubai is a fantastic hotel. The location is good, the building’s finishing is of high quality and the staff has shown to be motivated by giving excellent service. It has been difficult to find negative points during this stay or only minor ones. The executive lounge is probably among the best you can find and is highly recommended.

On the negative sides, we would only mention the size of the pool. Finally, the price can be difficult to predict and you will have to judge for yourself, depending on the season. At the time of booking, the standard room was USD 200. It can be 50% higher during peak season but we also noticed a price of USD 125 during Ramadan. In summary and unless you are looking for the resort type of hotel, you should not hesitate to book a room at JW Marriott Marquis.

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