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volasia is your reference website for your trip around Asia. My goal is to give you the best insight wherever you go; cities, beautiful islands, ancient temples or simply the best beaches.

But the destination is only one part. The journey is part of the whole experience. How to use miles for your trip, how to travel in Business for free, what’s the best airline, how to avoid pitfalls. You will find it all here.


Where should you go? What’s there to see? what are the best hotels? You will find here the best hideouts and hot-spots across Asia.


Whether you are looking for the best airlines, the cheapest or the best way to use frequent flyer programs, volasia has it for you.

Tools & Deals

All the tricks and hacks you need to travel; books, insurance, where to book, technology, gear, etc.


the best hotels, the best price, the hotels programs and all the tricks to have the best for the cheapest price.